Project Description

Pornprasit Paisansinsakul

Please tell us a little about yourself: 
Hello my name is Pornprasit, but everyone calls me “Sith”. I’m the owner of Koff&Bun. First I started to drink coffee. Then I went to study coffee tasting, before taking the Q-grader exam. It made me discover that I wanted to roast good coffee. Then I went to roasting class, before opening a coffee shop to offer it’s own coffee style.

How long have you been roasting for?:
3 years ago

What roaster do you currently roast on?:
Giesen W1A , W6

What is your coffee of choice:
I usually choose green beans with cupping score of 80+, and cup them myself. Mostly I cup the coffee I choose from origin with clean and sweet characteristics.

How did you learn to roast? Did you have a coach or trainer:
When I first started roasting I had to took as many classes and lectures as I could. Even now I have to force myself to be open minded and learn new things. However, I believe the most significant aspect comes from hands-on experience and trial and error. I have a coach who’s my friend, and he suggested and helped with my roasting plans for the competition.

Who is your roasting hero?:
Kammie Hui and Sang ho park

What’s your favorite weather to roast in?:
Chill and cool

What music do you listen to when roasting?:
Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and music from Thailand.

What is your secret weapon when roasting?:

What is your BEST roasting memory?:
When I have roasted coffee and all customers like it

What is your WORST roasting memory?:
The time I roasted the Panama geisha lamula natural for the first time and it got burnt.

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