Savor Brands
Title Sponsor

Savor Brands is an emissary of experiences. Inspired by our partners and the retail consumer, we continuously innovate to help our collaborators showcase their brand effectively, delivering eye-catching packaging and sustainable solutions. Our in-house technology bridges the digital and physical world, empowering producers, roasters, and retail cafes to engage consumers through origin stories and brewing techniques. Our mission is to ensure the success of those we work with, as their success is our success.

2024 Official Production Roaster

At Stronghold, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of roasting technology, with the environment and sustainability goals. As we usher in the era of all-electric commercial roasting, we are thrilled that our efforts have been acknowledged, being selected as the official production equipment for the prestigious World Coffee Roasting Championship. This marks a significant step forward for us, challenging the industry norm and bringing an economically and environmentally sustainable future to the global stage.