Project Description

Taehwan Kwon
Signature Roasters

Please tell us a little about yourself: 
I am Taehwan Kwon, I live in Korea and am responsible for roasting in Signature Roasters.

How long have you been roasting for?:
For about six months.

What roaster do you currently roast on?:
Giesen W1M, W6, W15

What is your coffee of choice:
I like coffee with charming characters.

How did you learn to roast? Did you have a coach or trainer:
I learned from the owner of our company, Moonkyu Jang who was 2nd Place at the 2014 WCRC in Rimini.

Who is your roasting hero?:
The owner of our company, Moonkyu Jang.

What is your favourite weather to roast in?:
Thinking about the weather in Korea, it is better to have a hot and humid summer than a cold, dry winter. In fact, I have so little experience that I need to experience more in the future.

What music do you listen to when roasting?:
I do not listen to music when roasting.

What is your secret weapon when roasting?:
I still do not know my own merit to answer that I am a secret weapon in roasting.

What is your best roasting memory?:
When multiple batches of the same bean were processed, they all progressed to the same profile without error.

What is your worst roasting memory?:
When I did not follow the profile I had envisioned, I had to modify too many variables at once, and ruin the next batch. I learned that it is wise to take one step at a time in handling coffee.