Project Description

Kristina Radchuk

Please tell us a little about yourself: 
I was born and live in Odessa region and was really inspired by coffee, so after school I desided to enter the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Unfortunately during my studies I saw a lot of things, after which I decided not to ever work in the food industry. It’s a really hard industry to work in—both physically and morally. After graduation I wanted a job, and it was really good luck to hear about a new coffee factory which opened at Chernomorsk. So I had to make a decision about changing my opinion on the food industry, to follow my love of coffee. At first it was really hard, especially with night shifts and a lot of unexpected factors. But I overcame all this ,and became the main technologist at UKRCOFFEE Ltd. I am proud of the company that I work in and the product which we produce.

How long have you been roasting for?:
I started my studies of the science of roasting in 2015.

What roaster do you currently roast on?:
Probat and Hasgaranti

What is your coffee of choice:
I really like experimenting with African Arabica.

How did you learn to roast? Did you have a coach or trainer:
A really strong love of and interest in the world of natural coffee made me start roasting and coffee grading. It’s been a long way from the very beginning.

What’s your favorite weather to roast in?:
There is no bad weather for a good roast.

What is your secret weapon when roasting?:
Good mood and positive vibrations :-)) You have be very confident to control every stage of roasting.

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