Congratulations and well done to all the competitors at the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship! The full ranking and scores for the 23 competitors is now available here:

2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship Ranking & Scores

Also, a huge thank you to the judges, volunteers, and sponsors who make this event possible!

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2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship Sponsors

Title Sponsor: Savor Brands

Qualified Sponsors: UrnexPentair/Everpure

Equipment Partners: Giesen Coffee RoastersStrongholdCompakWoots Roaster

Gold Sponsor: RoastTing Coffee

Origin Trip Sponsor: Capricornio Coffee

Green Coffee Sponsors: Ally CoffeeHARU Coffee Company, OlamBlack Gold Specialty CoffeeWESOURCE

Product Partners: CropsterLighttellsSoaring Phoenix Trading Co., PurefreshCafé LuluAkiraCojaft International Co.

Event Partners: iDripThe PlacePacific Bag

Brew Bar Equipment Partners: Clever DripperBrewistaPurefreshRoastTing Coffee

Brew Bar Coffee Sponsors: Zhou-Wu CafeCoffee Ling CaféSimple Kaffa Roasting CompanySoaring Phoenix Trading Co.Rec CoffeeRoastTing Coffee