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Qualified Cleaning Products
Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder and Puro® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Urnex has manufactured specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936. Today, the portfolio of Urnex liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules is distributed in over 70 countries around the world. Urnex is a long-time supporter of coffee competitions and the competitors themselves, as championship quality coffee can only be made using clean equipment.


Water Filtration

Claris+J1Everpure Claris Products:
The CLARIS water filter system has been designed down to the last detail to cater to the exacting requirements of specialty coffee and foodservice markets. The unique Claris water filter system combines sophisticated filtration technology with smart engineering excellence which, up until now, was only associated with larger and more expensive systems. (available in a variety of sizes

Everpure MRS-600HE II:
Everpure® MRS-600HE II™ is a high efficiency RO systems that offersEverpure MRS
significantly less water waste, saving money on sewer charges. This system can produce up to as much as 600 gallons per day of RO water, with a flow rate of up to 0.7 gpm. It also has a blending feature that allows for water customization so you can adjust the water depending on your application.


Giesen Coffee Roasters
Equipment Partner

Giesen Coffee Roasters is a Dutch family owned business with 30 years of experience in manufacturing coffee roasters and parts. Our coffee roasters excel in quality, appearance and functionalities. We always strive for the highest quality, excellent service and constantly seek improvements. Our coffee roasters are delivered worldwide.

Equipment Partner

S.TRINITA is the world’s first “smart” coffee roasting machine.

The integration of Information Technology in coffee roasting operation is the next stage in the evolution of coffee roasting. With its proprietary roasting software and uniquely designed tower drum, S.TRINITA is acclaimed by world-class coffee professionals as the “roasting machine of the future.”

Equipment Partner

Equipment Partner

Equipment Partner

Marco Beverage Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures the finest hot water delivery systems for commercial brewing of tea and coffee. We work directly with our customers to deliver specific machines for specific solutions, marrying technological and brewing excellence within the Marco range of products, striving to meet user needs.

Ally Coffee
Green Coffee Sponsor

InterAmerican Coffee
Green Coffee Sponsor

Since 2000, InterAmerican Coffee imports and distributes the nest specialty coffees from all over the world. In close collaboration with long-term partners and sister companies at the origin, InterAmerican Coffee commits to meticulous quality control starting at farm level and continuing throughout the shipping, delivery periods and the quality lab.

We are able to “think globally and act locally”.


Product Sponsor

Proaster Roasters
Manufactured by Taehwan Automation Ind. Ltd.
Finest Artisan & Commercial Roasters (100g. to 120kg)

Proaster Artisan Roasters provide unparalleled control and consistency.

Every Proaster, from sample roaster to 120kg, is expertly crafted using high quality components to exceed expectations. Our continued growth internationally is driven by innovation and by helping our happy customers grow their roasting businesses.


Product Sponsor

Cropster provides specialized software solutions for coffee professionals. We offer targeted services for roasters, labs, traders and producers to monitor roasts, analyze qualities, handle samples and warehouses, manage farm production and direct trade. Our integrated, web-based tools help specialty coffee businesses worldwide to optimize consistency, quality and decision making.


Product Sponsor

CM-100 is an SCA recommended Standard Roast Level Analyzer for Cupping.
CM-100 helps roasters to control the consistent quality of whole bean and ground bean of each batch of roasted coffee, it also helps roasters managing every batch of roasted coffee by dumping historical measured data from CM-100 to computer.

Product Sponsor

Cablevey Conveyors continually demonstrates “best in class” conveyors with the least amount of damage, spillage, foreign material contamination or operating costs. Cable & disc tech­nology gently move products through an enclosed tube without the use of air. Sys­tems can convey up to 1240 cubic feet (35 cubic meters) per hour.


Capricornio Coffees
Origin Trip Sponsor

Capricornio Coffees is a Brazilian exporter of specialty coffees from 20 estates located around the Tropic of Capricornio. Several microlots, honeys, naturals, fully washed and special preparations – double, dry and wet fermentations, controlled yeast, Ethiopia-style, Kenya-style and Burundi-style fermentations – are exported to more than 20 countries.  Learn more: www.capricorniocoffees.com.br

Event Sponsor

W.Wright are one of the largest suppliers of cupping equipment in the world. From coffee chain giants to speciality associations, from roasteries to retailers – our cupping spoons and equipment are used on every continent. Our cupping spoons are viewed as essential items within the coffee industry. Our competition standard spoons are also used at prestigious world and regional championships.

Pacific Bag
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Blossom Valley
Event Sponsor

We are a professional coffee company servicing China and Taiwan. We supply specialty coffee beans and SCA certificate courses. We have a passion for coffee and offer the best service for our customers. We want you to understand the fantasy world of coffee is our dream, because great coffee doesn’t just happen.

Event Sponsor

Event Sponsor

HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921. Innovative glassware and utensils for drinking coffee such as V60 coffee dripper and TCA Syphon give not only a special taste, but also time, value, and relationship to the customer and barista of the world.

WCRC Brew Bar