Project Description

Panagiotis Megalessis

Please tell us a little about yourself: 
I am a passionate Coffee Roaster who always seeks the best roasting profile and coffee beans.

How long have you been roasting for?:
3 years.

What roaster do you currently roast on?:
Probatone 5

What is your coffee of choice:
Ethiopian Heirlooms

How did you learn to roast? Did you have a coach or trainer:
SCA Roasting Intermediate, Scott Rao’s book, internet classes, and more.

Who is your roasting hero?:
Scott Rao

What’s your favorite weather to roast in?:

What music do you listen to when roasting?:

What is your secret weapon when roasting?:

What is your BEST roasting memory?:
Swiss Roasting Championships

What is your WORST roasting memory?:
They are all good. 🙂