Project Description

Vladimir Nenashev
Mosaic Coffee

Please tell us a little about yourself: 
Hello! My name is Vladimir. I am a roastmaster from Samara, Russia. My passion for coffee started out as a hobby: I was preparing espresso at home and wanted to study further. My work is my hobby now.

How long have you been roasting for?:
About 4 years

What roaster do you currently roast on?:
My equipment for roasting is Trobrat 20 kg. This is the first Russian roaster, which can compete with global brands.

What is your coffee of choice:

How did you learn to roast? Did you have a coach or trainer:
Empirically, through a lot of experiments. Not long ago I finished 3 levels of SCA courses. My coach is Timur Dudkin.

Who is your roasting hero?:
Dmitry Boroday

What’s your favorite weather to roast in?:
It’s rain, of course.

What music do you listen to when roasting?:
Electronic or alternative rock

What is your secret weapon when roasting?:
Second crack

What is your BEST roasting memory?:
Roasting coffee for a barista championship where my friends were competing.

What is your WORST roasting memory?:
Maybe on an electrician’s day off when a short circuit happened, and you need to roast!

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